class Marten::Apps::MainConfig


Main application config class.

Marten automatically defines a "main" application config that corresponds to the standard src/ folder. Models, migrations, assets, or locales that live in this folder will be automatically known by Marten (like if they were part of any other installed application). The rationale behind this is that this allows simple projects to be started without requiring the definition of applications upfront, which is ideal for simple projects or proofs of concept.

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==(other : self) ==, assets_finder assets_finder, label(*args, **options)
label(*args, **options, &)
, migrations_path migrations_path, models : Array(Marten::DB::Model.class) models, register_model(model : DB::Model.class) register_model, setup setup, templates_loader templates_loader, translations_loader translations_loader

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new new

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label(label : String | Symbol)
label : String