class Marten::Apps::Registry


The applications registry.

The applications registry is responsible for managing all the application config classes of a given project.

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def #

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Instance Method Detail

def app_configs #

Returns an array of the available app configs.

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def get(label : String) #

Returns the app config instance for the passed app label.

Raises Marten::Apps::Errors::AppNotFound if the app config cannot be found.

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def get_containing(klass) #

Returns the application config object contaning the passed class.

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def insert_main_app #

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def populate(installed_apps : Array(Config.class)) : Nil #

Populate the app config registry from the list of the project installed apps.

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def register_model(model : DB::Model.class) #

Registers a specific model class to the registry of app configs.

This model will be associated later on to the associated app config once all the app configs of the current project are populated and initialized.

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def setup #

Triggers app config setups.

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