class Marten::Asset::Engine


Represents an assets engine.

An assets engine holds a storage to collect, persist and resolve asset URLs, as well as finders to discover the assets to collect.

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def : Core::Storage::Base) #

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Instance Method Detail

def find(filepath : String) : String #

Returns the absolute path corresponding to the passed asset file path.

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def finders : Array(Marten::Asset::Finder::Base) #

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def finders=(finders : Array(Marten::Asset::Finder::Base)) #

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def manifests : Array(String) #

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def manifests=(manifests : Array(String)) #

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def url(filepath : String) : String #

Returns the URL associated with the passed file name or file path.

If manifests are configured, those will be used in order to try to map the passed filepath to a real file path that is fingerprinted. The passed filepath will be used as is if it is not present in the configured manifests (or if there are no configured manifests at all).

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