class Marten::DB::Management::Migrations::Reader


Represents a migrations reader.

The migration reader will process all migrations defined by the available apps and all the migrations that were already applied (ie. recorded) for the existing database in order to build a corresponding directed acyclic graph of migrations.

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def : Connection::Base | Nil = nil) #

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Instance Method Detail

def applied_migrations : Hash(String, Marten::DB::Migration?) #

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def apps_with_migrations #

Returns an array of apps that have migrations defined.

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def get_migration(app_config : Apps::Config, migration_name : String) : Migration.class #

Returns a migration class for a specific app config and migration name.

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def latest_migration(app_config : Apps::Config) : Migration.class | Nil #

Returns the latest migration class (if any) for a given app config.

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def replacements : Hash(String, Marten::DB::Migration) #

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