class Marten::DB::Management::Statement::Columns

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def : Proc(String, String), table : String, columns : Array(String)) #

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Instance Method Detail

def columns : Array(String) #

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def references_column?(table : String, column : String | Nil) #

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def references_table?(name : String | Nil) #

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def rename_column(table : String, old_name : String, new_name : String) #

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def rename_table(old_name : String, new_name : String) #

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def table : String #

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def to_s #
Description copied from class Object

Returns a nicely readable and concise string representation of this object, typically intended for users.

This method should usually not be overridden. It delegates to #to_s(IO) which can be overridden for custom implementations.

Also see #inspect.

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