class Marten::Routing::Reverser


Represents a route reverser.

A route reverser allows to perform URL / route lookups for a given route. Such routes can optionally expect parameters and such parameters are handled accordingly when the #reverse method is called. The main Marten::Routing::Map#reverse method makes use of reverser objects internally in order to perform routes lookups.

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def : String, path_for_interpolation : String, parameters : Hash(String, Marten::Routing::Parameter::Base) = {} of String => Parameter::Base) #

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Instance Method Detail

def name : String #

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def parameters : Hash(String, Marten::Routing::Parameter::Base) #

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def path_for_interpolation : String #

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def reverse(params : Nil | Hash(String | Symbol, Parameter::Types)) : Nil | String #

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