abstract class Marten::Core::Storage::Base


Abstract base class representing a file storage.

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abstract def delete(filepath : String) : Nil #

Deletes the file associated with the passed filepath.

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abstract def exists?(filepath : String) : Bool #

Returns true if the given filepath exists.

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abstract def open(filepath : String) : IO #

Returns an IO for the given filepath.

RaisesĀ Marten::Core::Storage::Errors::FileNotFound if the file does not exist.

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def save(filepath : String, content : IO) : String #

Save a file content into the storage by taking care of not overwriting any existing file.

The method returns the filepath of the saved file.

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abstract def size(filepath : String) : Int64 #

Returns the size of a file at a given filepath.

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abstract def url(filepath : String) : String #

Returns the URL associated with the passed file name or file path.

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abstract def write(filepath : String, content : IO) : Nil #

Write a file's content into the storage.

This is a destructive operation: any existing file with the same filepath will be overwritten.

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