class Marten::Template::Tag::Extend


The extend template tag.

The extend template tag allows to define that a template inherits from a specific base template. This tag must be used with one mandatory argument, which can be either a string literal or a variable that will be resolved at runtime. This mechanism is useful only if the base template defines blocks that are overriden or extended by the child template.

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Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from module Marten::Template::Tag::CanSplitSmartly

split_smartly(expression : String) : Array(String) split_smartly

Instance methods inherited from class Marten::Template::Tag::Base

render(context : Context) : String render

Constructor methods inherited from class Marten::Template::Tag::Base

new(parser : Parser, source : String) new

Constructor Detail

def : Parser, source : String) #

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Instance Method Detail

def render(context : Context) : String #
Description copied from class Marten::Template::Tag::Base

Render the template tag for a given context.

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