abstract class Marten::Schema::Field::Base


Abstract base schema field implementation.

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template_attributes(*names) template_attributes

Constructor Detail

def self.new(id : ::String, required : ::Bool = true) #

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Instance Method Detail

abstract def deserialize(value) #

Deserializes a raw field value to the corresponding field value.

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def empty_value?(value) : ::Bool #

Returns true if the value is considered empty by the field.

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def id : String #

Returns the ID of the field used in the associated schema.

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def required? : Bool #

Returns a boolean indicating whether the field is required.

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abstract def serialize(value) : ::String | Nil #

Serializes a field value.

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def validate(schema, value) #

Runs custom validation logic for a specific schema field and schema object.

This method should be overriden for each field implementation that requires custom validation logic.

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