module Marten::Handlers::ContentSecurityPolicy::ClassMethods

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def content_security_policy(&content_security_policy_block : HTTP::ContentSecurityPolicy -> ) #

Allows to define a custom Content-Security-Policy that will be used for the considered handler only.

This method yields a Marten::HTTP::ContentSecurityPolicy object that you can use to fully configure the directives that get inserted in the Content-Security-Policy header.

class MyHandler < Marten::Handler
  content_security_policy do |csp|
    csp.default_src = {:self, ""}

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def exempt_from_content_security_policy(exempt : Bool) : Nil #

Allows to define whether or not the handler responses should be exempted from using Content-Security-Policy.

Note that this method is only useful when the Marten::Middleware::ContentSecurityPolicy middleware is being used.

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def exempt_from_content_security_policy? #

Returns a boolean indicating if the handler is exempted from using the Content-Security-Policy header.

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