class Marten::Handlers::Template


Handler allowing to respond to GET requests with the content of a rendered HTML template.

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Class Method Summary

Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from module Marten::Handlers::Rendering

get_response(content) get_response, render_template(context : Hash | NamedTuple | Nil | Marten::Template::Context) render_template, render_to_response(context : Hash | NamedTuple | Nil | Marten::Template::Context) render_to_response, template_name : String template_name

Instance methods inherited from class Marten::Handlers::Base

delete delete, dispatch : Marten::HTTP::Response dispatch, get get, head(status : Int32) : HTTP::Response
, json(raw_json : String, status = 200)
json(serializable, status = 200)
, options options, params : Hash(String, Int16 | Int32 | Int64 | Int8 | String | UInt16 | UInt32 | UInt64 | UInt8 | UUID) params, patch patch, post post, put put, redirect(url : String, permanent = false) redirect, render(template_name : String, context : Hash | NamedTuple | Nil | Marten::Template::Context = nil, content_type = HTTP::Response::DEFAULT_CONTENT_TYPE, status = 200) render, request : Marten::HTTP::Request request, respond(streamed_content : Iterator(String), content_type = HTTP::Response::DEFAULT_CONTENT_TYPE, status = 200)
respond(content = "", content_type = HTTP::Response::DEFAULT_CONTENT_TYPE, status = 200)
, response : Marten::HTTP::Response? response, response! response!, reverse(*args, **options)
reverse(*args, **options, &)
, trace trace

Constructor methods inherited from class Marten::Handlers::Base

new(request : HTTP::Request, params : ParamsHash)
new(request : HTTP::Request, **kwargs)

Class methods inherited from class Marten::Handlers::Base

content_security_policy_block content_security_policy_block, http_method_names
http_method_names(*method_names : String | Symbol)

Instance methods inherited from module Marten::Handlers::Session

session(*args, **options)
session(*args, **options, &)

Instance methods inherited from module Marten::Handlers::RequestForgeryProtection

get_csrf_token get_csrf_token, referer_trusted? referer_trusted?

Instance methods inherited from module Marten::Handlers::Flash

flash(*args, **options)
flash(*args, **options, &)

Instance methods inherited from module Marten::Handlers::Cookies

cookies(*args, **options)
cookies(*args, **options, &)

Macros inherited from module Marten::Handlers::Callbacks

after_dispatch(*names) after_dispatch, before_dispatch(*names) before_dispatch

Class Method Detail

def self.template_name : String | Nil #

Returns the configured template name.

Instance Method Detail

def context #

Returns a hash containing the template context or nil.

The default implementation returns nil.

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def get #
Description copied from class Marten::Handlers::Base

Handles a GET HTTP request and returns a Marten::HTTP::Response object.

The default implementation will return a 405 (not allowed) response.

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